Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Rachel said...

...das sieht schmackhaft aus..lächel...

Lg, Rachel

Noxalio said...

yes Rachel,
very tasty!!! :)

Elisabeth said...

Oh the colours, not to say anything about the taste and the childhood memories.

Noxalio said...


primary colors
sell better (i think),
a marketing gimmick?
... ha ha.

as always,
thank you for stopping over


Momo Luna said...

Great all those colors. A girl is still a girl right? Makes me happy this one.

William Michaelian said...

They plant the blue ones in one row, the red ones in another, the green in another — and still they get mixed up. What’s a farmer to do?

Noxalio said...

Momo Luna ...

once a girl, always one (i think:)
i'm glad

it made you happy.


Noxalio said...


the colorful,

they seem to want to

i suppose
it's in their nature (no?).