Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Elisabeth said...

Is that pig weed there among the rocks? I love the name pig weed and I love steps like these. They have a rustic and honest feel.

Rachel said...

Hallo Noxy,

das ist ja ein schöner Weg, quer durch die Natur, das gefällt mir sehr...

herzlichst, Rachel

Noxalio said...


truth be told, i don't know
what each of those plants are
in this photo, i didn't get
too close this time
as i walked by, it was
just a passing shot.

and, oh yes,
i love stairs, especially
wooden ones, and ones
at the beach.

i like your notion of
them having an honest feel.


Noxalio said...

Rachel, yes, the wood
makes it look soft, as if
if belongs there, no?