Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Elisabeth said...

A sleeping snail, Nox, and here I can't resist offering you a quote.

You might enjoy it. I do.

It's from the artist Francis Bacon:

“Art is a method of opening up areas of feeling rather than merely an illustration of an object...I would like my pictures to look as if a human being had passed between them, like a snail, leaving a trail of human presence and memory trace as the snail leaves its slime.”

Your work reminds me of this.


Noxalio said...

Elisabeth ...

thank you so much
for the Francis Bacon quote,
i had not read it before,

and especially
for your kind words,

you should know
that comments such as yours
provide me the drive
to continue
this little endeavor,

i cherish them,
greatly. i really do ...

as to this picture,
it is but an empty shell,
bleached and almost white,

the warmth
comes from the incandescent light,

the reflection in the background
is the cover of a book
of poetry by Lee Gerlach,
"Highwater". he is a master
of the Ghazal form. a favorites
of mine (both Ghazals and Gerlach).


Rachel said...

Hallo Noxy,

manchmal wünschte ich mir auch solch ein Haus...lächel...

herzlichst, Rachel

amatamari© said...

The life continues to breathe
in the golden reflection of word...

Thanks for this magical image!

Noxalio said...

Hello Rachel,

ok then,
you can have this one
while i look for
another one for me ... :)

Noxalio said...

ooh, amatamari©,
i like
your poetic interpretation ...
a lot!

thank you!

Rebecca said...

Like the colors in this one.