Friday, April 30, 2010


Elisabeth said...

When I find feathers I try to imagine the point at which the thing once attached to a bird. How does it stay in there and how does it come out? Is it like hair in a follicle? Terrific image here, Nox.

The back ground holds a strange resonance for me. I think to soothe myself I could watch it for hours. All that detail.

Noxalio said...

yes, Elizabeth,
you've hit upon what's unique
about this shot...

even though the feather
purports to be the subject,
the background
does not agree. it will not
give up center stage.
i suppose
it's because of the composition,
where the center of focus
(the tuft) is a slight blur
whereas the texture
of the ground is sharp.

oh, as to the nature
of feathers themselves,
i think
they're a cross
between scales and hair,

thank you, as always,
for your thoughtful

Rebecca said...

Soft falls on hard? Love the silvery sheen of the feather.