Saturday, January 8, 2011


Elisabeth said...

It's not my imagination, is it Nox? You haven't posted much in recent moths.

Here you are again, though, with a wonderful tree.

It's good to see your work again.

Tabitha Bird said...

Oh wow!

Noxalio said...

well hello there Elisabeth ... yes and no to you question ... i've not posted photos (yes), haven't had much time nor mood to shoot any new ones ... but i have been posting a lot of poetry on my other (more official site: of which i'm not sure you are familiar with, are you? ... regardless, i'm glad to hear from you (incidentally, i read almost everything you write, as time permits - and, i hope you've convalesced to complete health - have you? i hope so)

Wine and Words said...

You grow into
your reach
in full extension
all you touch

Momo Luna said...

Wonderful! I love trees a lot....

Noxalio said...

Annie, yes.

banyan & willow
tend to reach

Noxalio said...

i do too Monica.