Monday, January 24, 2011


Tabitha Bird said...

Wow! Did you take that? Just Wow!

Wine and Words said...

There were rings
around the moon
before the fog settled
like batting
pretending as snow

so dense I had to
swim through
with breast stroke arms
craned neck
blowing bubbles
with spout mouth

translucent spheres
in smile
before the mist
dampened their hair
and pulled them down
in final touch

(~ Annie)

Noxalio said...

hello Tab ... ah, yes, i did ... 'tho a few cycles ago ... not the very best but given the quality of lens, not too bad i suppose ...

loved your exuberance ... thank you!

how're you faring these days ... given the flooding?

Noxalio said...


then dreams swirled down in wispy satin streams absorbing mist and fog while skimming diamond tears as though they were sparks and free-floating fireflies ... but four winks later they happened upon the shuddering of an early new dawn, and poof, they were gone? ... oh, darn!

ha! ...

Wine and Words said...


Don't you just love the word "poof"? Looks even better as *poof*

Also Phooey! I love the word phooey. Must be the "poo"s????? Hmmmm

Noxalio said...

or simply oo's ... such as in shooze and snooze and cooze maybe? ... no not booze, i didn't say it (oh, ok, maybe wine ... nooo, i said wine! not whine, dammit - or should it be phooey!) ha ha!