Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Elisabeth said...

We have two of these in our back yard at the moment. Amazingly they survived the deluge last weekend. Spider webs must be very hardy. Thanks Nox, a great photo.

Bitch said...

What a spiderweb.
It is very beautiful!
I have not shot a photograph like
this yet..

Wine and Words said...

He builds his web
in circular lines
shouldn't work...shouldn't work
but oh the rainbow shimmers
and I fly
straight into the thunder

Noxalio said...

yes, Elisabeth, these things are surprisingly hearty and tough - as you know, spider's silk is one of the strongest of the know materials ... sublime, eh?

Noxalio said...

hello Monika.

oh, you should give it a try. they're everywhere - you just have to have your camera handy when you spot one, especially in the morning or late afternoon light when the reflections and contrast on the strands are their brightest.

thank you kindly for your complement and i'm so happy you stopped by.


Noxalio said...

Annie, you make / made me smile - broadly!